Daniel Riker

Hi, I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I am husband and a father. Also, I am the director of Hybrid-Training, as well as a personal trainer and coach. In my experience, I have seen many individuals suffer from joint dysfunction and not only have I seen it but I have been a victim as well. I was able to fix my joint dysfunctions through functional training as well as making the right lifestyle choices. I have to admit if you ask me when I was younger, "would you consider being a personal trainer?" I probably would have said, "no way!" I had to overcome many of my own personal struggles and doubts. Now my goal is to empower you and help you change your life. I speak from experience and the heart when I say that everyone is capable of change if you want it. When I was young I could barely run a few yards without losing my breath. I was clumsy, award and shy so that meant I was always picked last in gym class. Overall, you could say I was a pretty unhealthy kid. Then I read, "Cures They Don't Want You to Know" by Kevin Trudeau. This was my catalysis for changing how I thought about nutrition, which then leads to fitness. My first "job" (I don't consider training/coaching a job) was working at CKO teaching classes. As you could imagine this was not easy for me, I had to overcome my shy personality.  This was a big turning point and helped me to see that I could transform my life beyond what I thought was capable.  My philosophy in life: find your purpose. Train for that purpose. Transform your life.